‘Timber’ in a hardware store

Our colleagues of Mantra Percussion made a great video about Michael Gordon’s ‘Timber’. See them play this piece in a hardware store, and explain some details about the piece.

Click the image above, or here to see the video.

We’ve still got some copies of the special wooden box edition of ‘Timber’ available at our website. Get them while they last.


‘Timber’ used in DJ Kypksi-mix

DJ Kypski, a well-known Dutch dj from the act C-Mon & Kypski, used the SDH recording of ‘Timber’ in a new mix. The mix was made for the Amsterdam Dance Event, a big conference about dance music that took place in Amsterdam.

Music used in the mix:
Spag Heddy – Heavenly Warfare (Basserk)
Sjam & Kypski – The Clocktave (Supertracks)
Dj Mehdi – Wee Bounce (Ed Banger)
Slagwerk Den Haag – Timber (Cantaloupe)

Listen to the mix: