Work in Progress: Young SDH

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Mei-Yi Lee:
“Here are 4 pictures which we took during the first rehearsal this Tuesday. They’re from ”Loop” (“walk” in Dutch) by Aurelie Lierman.
We were trying to find out how to make sound on the dance floor of Smart Project Space where we will perform on May 24th, 20:30h.
In the beginning we used a big piece of tile and put a small and soft cloth underneath it to make it unbalance. After that we found some plastic cover as dance floor, and did the foot step on it.”

Korte interviews met Jan van de Putte en Jos van Kan over ‘Vissen Hoesten Niet’


Foto door Elisabeth Melchior.

Componist Jan van de Putte en regisseur Jos van Kan over de voorstelling die zij maakten voor Slagwerk Den Haag ‘Vissen Hoesten Niet‘.

Vind meer video’s hier:

Slagwerk Den Haag & Escuela Orquesta Barrio Ludueña

On the 12th of October 2010, Slagwerk Den Haag and VocaalLab, had the privilege to play music together with the children of Orquesta Barrio Luduena. We played Clapping Music and “in C”. They will be in our hearts!

Interview Jo Kondo & Stefan van Eycken

Interview before the worldpremieres of Paregmenon by Jo Kondo and Hotel Panenque, 1973 by Stefan van Eycken. Both works were performed during the November Music festival 2011 in our Sonore program with Quatuor Bozzini:

Aad van Nieuwkerk conducted these interviews for Radio4.